I love this blog. But..

I am going to be absent for the next week or so.

Camera is gone. Yes. I know. It's killing me.

And I'm tired, sick, and moody.

Bad combo for a girl.

I've got a few problems that need 'caretaking of'

quote from gossip girl (mister chuck, is there anything else you need caretaking of?)

And so, I will be absent.
I will miss you guys.
I will miss this blog.
But this must be done.


5 shouts:

Anonymous said...

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Kelly said...

aw...i'll miss you!

EternalJade said...

Aww. I'll miss you too. Hope you sort things out. :)

Catherine Viriya said...

i'll be in bali tomorrow!!
care to meet? :)

theliciousgum said...

thank you for all your kind comments guys.


love you all.

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