Tuesday morning.

Yes, tis Tuesday.
Yes, I am hell tired.
Yes, I took a picture of my breakfast.
Yes, I made a video for you.
No, I cannot post the video.
Yes, it's because of the length.
Yes, I am pissed.
Please bear with me.

No more words.


I like to overdose myself with butter.
I love dairy products.
No joke.

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Anonymous said...


ma mom needs 2 cum bak nd go food shoppin cus im starvin n dis house

nurmalitasarianggakencana said...

recipe for you to try [instead of talking bout fashion..hehe] :
make pancakes,then grill bread with chocolate and cheddar filling. then roll the bread wit the pancakes..hehe
where do you stay at Jakarta??

theliciousgum said...

@ cheddah: u don't have FOOD? Hope ur mom comes back soon! :)

@ nurmalitasarianggakencana: thank you for the recipe! :)
I'll be sure to try it.

I acutally live in Bali. But I'm from jakarta.

EternalJade said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog. Your pictures are so great, and Bali is so beautiful. :)

Kelly said...

ahhhh, that food loooks so good...i'm definately gonna have to go make so toast!

theliciousgum said...

@ EternalJade: Thank you! :) Yes, Bali is gorgeous.

@ Kelly: Toast ROCKS! :)

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