Yesterday at Sanur

Yesterday me and my bf went out to take Gerlane (my sis in law) to the Salon for waxing, Creambath, and manipedi.
The salon was in Sanur so the rest of the family (Dad, Mom, Step bro, nephew) decided to meet up with us for a snack at a little beach front cafe called Bonzai.

It was fun! We had drinks, played in the sand, and took pics :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Photobucket Photobucket


^ my love^

But these are my LOVES.


As you can see, it was extremely low tide.



Photobucket Photobucket

on me: Dad's blue striped collared button up, DIY cropped denim shorts, Blue pearl necklace, Bag from Sukawati market, and Gladiator sandals which I took off pre-pic.


the tide...



BALI FOR? someone didn't finish the sentence...



Oh, and did I mention that my i-pod speakers which I've been waiting for for 2 months finally arrived?

Nope. Well, now you know. :D:D:D:D SUPER YAY!!

Enjoy your day.

That just rhymed.


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EternalJade said...

You look adorable. I always seem to relate to bloggers from tropical countries better. I mean, your clothes are just more "applicable" to my country.

theliciousgum said...

thank you jade. I totally agree! :)
I can never wear thick leggings or big jackets without sweating like crazy :P

pwincess bebe said...

Wow, you look pretty in that baby blue shirt.
You should wear the color more often :)))
So nice to look at your blog, cause i miss my hometown so much T_T
and anyway, thank you for visiting mine,
sorry for so late to visit urs, cause i rarely check the comments, but now i'm here, and glad to see someone from Bali.
Good work, rock on !

theliciousgum said...

thank you princess! :)
Bali's great, when r u coming back?

Syana said...

that's so cool your wearing your dad's shirt, it looks good on you!

theliciousgum said...

thank you syana!

Wina said...

I think what that person meant was Bali F Loves R, its a couple's initials!

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