Leighton Meester

I have always loved her.
On or off screen, she is my idol.

And she's gorge.

Here's her instyle photo shoot pictures that I got from fellow blogger Noshabelle.

Thank you so much Belle!


Super stunning.




Don't you love her? I do.
Leighton. Have kids and I will adopt the beauties. may I? Pretty please.

SHE'S SO NICE! AND she's modest! AND she's more into expressing HERSELF rather than the DESIGNER!
you are my life Leighton. Really.

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Taghrid said...

what a hottie. linked you. xo

Noshabelle said...

Wow, thanks for liking my blog!! I really appreciate it, sweety! Your blog is cool too - keep up the good work! He he.

Leighton is a beauty in this photo shoot, she looks stunning! Love her on GG too. x

theliciousgum said...

Thank you Taghrid! :)

theliciousgum said...

Thanks Belle! I think everyone secretly loves Blair's bitchiness. And they obviously love Leighton's niceness. :)

I know I do.

Anonymous said...

Leighton Meester is great!! how to spell her name??hehe...especially on Gossip Girl..yaayyy..

theliciousgum said...

yes, that is the correct spelling. :)

She's incredible! :D

Emz said...

Leighton is my love! I'm so glad that she's becoming famous too because people pay so much attention to Blake Lively but Leighton Meester has such a unique look =)

theliciousgum said...

You are so right Emz. Blake is gorgeous in summer, but Leighton is all year round.

thanks for the comment :)

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