Thanks guys for the lovely comments.

I missed this blog so much!!

The problems have just been getting worse and worse.

1. Internet is on and off. Speedy is killing me slowly.

2. Gossip Girl has been sucking lately, and 90210 just relates more to me.

3. My mom cheated on my dad. Yes I know, that is so open, and random.
I just wanted to let people that have NORMAL lives know how lucky they are.
From now on, I will be 100% honest and open on this blog.

4. The my moms lover is STILL working at my company. EVEN THOUGH MY DAD KNOWS!

Okay, how do I know right?


1. My dad once found an sms on her phone saying "Hello sweetie, let's meet at (a certain cafe) and sit under the palm trees today. Love, M."

2. She ruffles his hair. SHE DOESN'T DO THAT TO MY DAD!! ARGH!

3. She ALWAYS goes out with him. And NEVER with my dad.

4. When she goes out with him, she ALWAYS wants to sit shotgun. with HIM.

5. Once, I was eating lunch with the both of them at this cute cafe, and he said "Oh, I came here a few days ago with a friend". And then she said "Really? What friend??" Like, in a reaaally aggressive tone. That is so secretly dating behavior.

6. When she fought with my dad, she went to HIS house. and came home at 5 in the morning?
um hello? where would she sleep? ARRGH THIS IS KILLING ME!

7. I found ANOTHER text after she sent one saying: "M, buy me some Bakso (a type of food) at Rindu Rasa/longing flavor (A small resto)". And then he replied "Rindu Rasa atau Rindu Saya?" --> Translation: Longing flavor or longing for me?

I'm nuts right now.

8. When we went to pizza hut, they went to the bathroom. AT THE SAME TIME. And when I went to the bathroom, I saw them standing WAAAY to close to each other.

9. When me and my boyfriend was going out, we saw my car parked in front of a cafe. I called her pretending that I was at home and asked her where she was. She said she was in Kuta (so far away). SHE LIED. WHY WOULD SHE LIE?

10. She refused to fire him when I said that either he has to leave, or the family is.

I hate her. I hate him. I hate this situation.

I love my dad more than anything and anyone. Anyone who tries to hurt him, will pay.

If you guys are confused about why I love my dad and want to kill my mom, here's why.

My dad works from 6 am till 8pm every day for his family.

My mom spends his money. And pretends to work. And probably sends some cash to M every month.

That is why I'm tired, and pissed.

That is why I stopped going to school.

This is too much.

Can anyone please relate? Because I need to know whether this is normal or not.

I think I might audition for the Hills. My life is WAY more dramatic than LC's.


I love this blog. But..

I am going to be absent for the next week or so.

Camera is gone. Yes. I know. It's killing me.

And I'm tired, sick, and moody.

Bad combo for a girl.

I've got a few problems that need 'caretaking of'

quote from gossip girl (mister chuck, is there anything else you need caretaking of?)

And so, I will be absent.
I will miss you guys.
I will miss this blog.
But this must be done.



The past few days

What a hectic week!!
Hanging with my nephew is slowly killing me.
In a good way. Sometimes.

Here in Bali it's near Galungan, Kuningan, and Nyepi.
A public holiday for the Hindu's to pray.
On nyepi all the electricity is out, and no cooking, no going out.

Just stay in bed for an entire day.


so... Last week I went out with parents to somewhere I forgot...
Outfit pics yes?





Pink scarf as a headband
Chloe Necklace
A friend's silver bangles
Mom's silver bangle-like bracelet
Mom's black tube top
Dad's Tank
the Gap wide legged Jeans
NoDa Shoes
Bag from pasar sukawati

The next day I went to Sanur with my love for some Gelato.

I got strawberry and bubble gum.

yum yum yum.

(why do I keep rhyming?)



:/ sorry guys. it kinda melted before I could take YUMMY pics of it...


in the car :)


DIY cropped denim shorts
Blue pearl necklace
Semi Gladiators (which you cannot see)
Blue baggy rolled up sleeve button up from my mom
Blue DIY headband

btw. Have you guys noticed that most of my stuff comes from my mom or dad?
Don't parents rock?

oookay. So we diss them sometimes. That's what teen's do.
But the end of the day, we love them as much as chocolate. I think.

(unless you're lactose.)

enjoy guys.

love x


Yesterday at Sanur

Yesterday me and my bf went out to take Gerlane (my sis in law) to the Salon for waxing, Creambath, and manipedi.
The salon was in Sanur so the rest of the family (Dad, Mom, Step bro, nephew) decided to meet up with us for a snack at a little beach front cafe called Bonzai.

It was fun! We had drinks, played in the sand, and took pics :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Photobucket Photobucket


^ my love^

But these are my LOVES.


As you can see, it was extremely low tide.



Photobucket Photobucket

on me: Dad's blue striped collared button up, DIY cropped denim shorts, Blue pearl necklace, Bag from Sukawati market, and Gladiator sandals which I took off pre-pic.


the tide...



BALI FOR? someone didn't finish the sentence...



Oh, and did I mention that my i-pod speakers which I've been waiting for for 2 months finally arrived?

Nope. Well, now you know. :D:D:D:D SUPER YAY!!

Enjoy your day.

That just rhymed.



Okay, what would you rather?


I would die...


Leighton Meester

I have always loved her.
On or off screen, she is my idol.

And she's gorge.

Here's her instyle photo shoot pictures that I got from fellow blogger Noshabelle.

Thank you so much Belle!


Super stunning.




Don't you love her? I do.
Leighton. Have kids and I will adopt the beauties. may I? Pretty please.

SHE'S SO NICE! AND she's modest! AND she's more into expressing HERSELF rather than the DESIGNER!
you are my life Leighton. Really.


Yesterday me and Adi (my bf) went out to run an errand for my dad.
We had lunch at KFC, then went to the supermarket.

what I wore:


Photobucket Photobucket

I liked this outfit for some reason. And it was extremely comfortable. :)

enjoy your day guys.

Love X


the past two days.

Ok, so yesterday is the most random day ever.

(that word should totally be dictionary legal)


Photobucket Photobucket

me and my mini conello ice cream. Yes it's love.

pics with this sick dress I found in my mom's closet. There was one in super duper bright pink too.
btw: sick is good.


Photobucket Photobucket

Two things that just recently pissed me off.
1. This underline thing won't go away. SHOO SHOO!!
2. I am so DONE cropping with photobucket! It is a very long, frustrating process that I no longer have the patience to go through.

and now moving on.

I never realized
how good lime green and black look together.

Photobucket Photobucket

But I always knew how bootylicious I am. :D

Finale. Hot choco and low fat whip cream... mmm...
craving? yes.



Dear Stephanie Meyer, I am sorry I used your book as a place to put my lovely mug.
But it just makes me love the pic even more.



love x


Tuesday morning.

Yes, tis Tuesday.
Yes, I am hell tired.
Yes, I took a picture of my breakfast.
Yes, I made a video for you.
No, I cannot post the video.
Yes, it's because of the length.
Yes, I am pissed.
Please bear with me.

No more words.


I like to overdose myself with butter.
I love dairy products.
No joke.

weekend recap

Okay, recap of my weekend.

Saturday I spent the ENTIRE day at home, but at night, me and my boyfriend decided to check out a new club called 'Blue Eyes'.

Before we went, as usual, I took half an hour to do my make up.



then at the club...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And on Sunday we decided to go out for a bit after lunch.

me waiting for Adi while he cleans up the exterior of his car.




no, that is not a booger in my nose. My skin condition is extremely dry so I always have skin peeling off my nose. I repeat, that is NOT a booger.

Photobucket Photobucket


Adi's extremely random super hero shirt.

tis very metallic. me love.
the hat too.

ps. isn't he so super skinny? I don't know why. But I like skinny. Hahah.

enjoy the rest of the day guys.

love X