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So, today I went to CENTRO which is the biggest mall in Bali. Me and my boyfriend stopped at Mcdonalds for a sundae and then went off to the VOLCOM big sale and the ROXY/QUICKSILVER/DC big sale in front of the mall.

All I have to say about the VOLCOM sale is SHAME ON YOU! I went to the same sale about half a year ago and the clothes are EXACTLY the same!! I expected some variety but the racks just thousands of the same tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and whatever was left from the sale 2 seasons ago in different colours and sizes. I was extremely dissapointed.

The ROXY sale however was great! I found some things that I really liked. There was this gray and blue striped dress, this cute bikini, a nice and plain two piece, a lovely hat, and an amazingly attractive wallet!

But inside the mall were also some great stuff! There was a CENTRO HOT SALE on the second floor and some amazing tops and dresses were 50% off. The prices (considering this sale was inside a very expensive looking mall) were quite cheap. After the discount, most of the stuff would be around Rp. 120.000,00. THAT'S A BARGAIN for any really cute cl0thes.

Now I have a problem. I'm kind of on a low budget, and I really want to buy SOMETHING from SOMEWHERE before all these sales close. I need to decide whether I'm going to go with the cute and branded stuff from last season's roxy collection or the sophisticated inexpensive stuff from the mall (which no one would know is last season because no one really shops there).


I'll post back on Wedensday when I've already bought the stuff. :)

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BEny said...

hi there.......!!!!!!
well im just already know if u're talaented writer. And fashionism to. i think's that's better for you being fashion editor's gal's!
btw.. thank's for commin to my blog!!!! and being my model's of course" hehehehe and for last, would'nt you bought for me some stuff at CENTRO??? Rusty could be? it's so expensive here'. may be it's cheaper there.....
hehehe sory if my english broken enough.... :P

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