Kamasutra (not what u think)

2 days ago, when I found out that my b&s tops have gone missing, I went to a club with my bf to clear my head and stop the tears from falling.

It was called Kamasutra and it was right in front of the beach :)

The club was crowded, but in a good way.
And the band rocked my world!!!
I love how they've changed it from the last band, which was absolutely horrid.

Here's the outfit I wore that night. And yes, this is the bathroom.


I love that polkadotted vest :)

And the band.


I have a suspicion that one of the singers was actually USHER.
Definitely an Usher twin :)

Love X

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BEny said...

a like USHER too
but.... i dont think about kamasutra

theliciousgum said...

hahaha. yeah well, it's a good club ben :)
miss u hun.

Syana said...

omgg i miss going to kama sutra so much!

theliciousgum said...

it's a great club :)

Melody said...

All this stuff makes me feel like ordering some Generic Viagra right away!

How much beauty in here!

Maria said...

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