Post-Val's day celebration :)

Since our valentines day celebration totally sucked, we decided to celebrate it the next day :)

It totally rocked...

He slept over from val's day, and we woke up at about noon-ish.

Then after we took 0ur showers, we went out to this Bali Souvenir shop in the center of the city and bought 2 tie dye shirts (one for me, and one for him), one floral dress, and one I <3 BALI bag

Total spending: Rp.80.000 (Less than 8 US $)


I totally love spring in Bali :)

On our way to the store, I took a few pics in the car :)

Polkadotted Bow+Polkadotted vest+Mini denim skirt+Knee high socks+Short Converse shoes= ADORABLE! Photobucket

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