yayy! my creation is finished! :)

The checkered baloon skirt I made is finally finished...!
After 2 days... I finally finished sewing it!!!
Now I only need to add finishing touches :)

My first DIY project in years.. And it looks OK.. x)
Just not store material...
I'll work on my sewing... and save up to buy a machine...
and learn how to use one... lol.

But tomorrow I will take pics wearing the skirt :D
not tonight.
I'm way to sleepy to take pics :)

enjoy the night guys.
Love X

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Anonymous said...

what material is the skirt?

theliciousgum said...

the skirt?
um.. i dunno... random material i found in a drawer... :P
but it's quite rough... i might not wear it...
it was an experiment :)

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